Review - Triple Two, Royal Wharf

Triple Two Coffee, Royal Wharf: A Stellar Blend of Coffee and Cocktails

By Vicky Simmance

In the heart of London’s dynamic Royal Wharf neighbourhood lies a gem that effortlessly combines the allure of a cosy coffee house with the vibrant energy of a cocktail bar. Triple Two Coffee, a venue that seamlessly transitions from day to night, has become a beloved haunt for locals and visitors alike.

Ambience and Service: The Heart of Triple Two

As you step into Triple Two Coffee, the first thing that strikes you is the warm, welcoming atmosphere. It’s a place where the buzz of friendly conversations mingles with the clinking of coffee cups and cocktail glasses. The interior exudes a contemporary charm, with comfortable seating arrangements that invite you to relax and unwind. The large windows flood the space with natural light during the day, while in the evening, the soft lighting creates a cosy, intimate vibe.

The service here is second to none. The staff, led by the affable owner Wang, are known for their friendliness and efficiency. They add a personal touch to the experience, making sure every guest feels valued and attended to. This level of service is a rare find and is one of the reasons why patrons keep returning.

Drinks and More: A Diverse Selection

Triple Two doesn’t just excel in service; their drinks menu is a testament to their commitment to variety and quality. By day, it’s a paradise for coffee lovers, offering a range of expertly brewed coffees that awaken your senses. As the sun sets, the coffee machines make way for an impressive array of cocktails, beers, wines, and spirits. The prices are reasonable, especially considering the quality and the upscale location.

Catering to Everyone

This venue is not just about great drinks and service; it’s also about inclusivity. It’s a family-friendly and dog-friendly place, welcoming everyone with open arms. The ground-floor location in a modern development building ensures easy wheelchair access, addressing the needs of all guests. While parking is available, it’s limited and comes at a cost, so public transport or walking might be more convenient options.

A Hub for Health and Socialising

Nestled inside the Royal Wharf Clubhouse and adjacent to the verdant Royal Wharf Gardens, Triple Two Coffee in Royal Wharf is more than just a coffee shop or bar. It’s a stylish focal point for the community, perfect for social gatherings, business meetings, or a relaxing break. Its prime location makes it an ideal spot for residents and visitors engaged in health and fitness activities in the area, offering a place to unwind after a swim, fitness class, or a stroll through the neighbourhood.

A Menu That Delights and Nourishes

Triple Two Coffee takes pride in offering one of the most extensive drinks menus across its locations. This includes a delightful range of health drinks, such as Blitz smoothies and whey protein frappes, catering to the health-conscious crowd. Their cocktail selection is equally impressive, perfect for those evening get-togethers. Moreover, the food menu features a variety of fresh and tasty options, from pastries and snacks to more substantial choices like sandwiches, wraps, soups, and sushi. These delicious offerings are available to eat in or take away, making it convenient for every type of visitor.


Triple Two Coffee at Royal Wharf is more than just a coffee shop or a bar; it’s a community hub that brings people together. Whether you’re looking for a quiet coffee alone, a lively evening with friends, or a family outing, this place caters to all. Its combination of exceptional service, diverse drinks menu, and inclusive atmosphere makes it a must-visit spot in London’s Royal Wharf. Highly recommended for any occasion, Triple Two Coffee stands as a testament to what a great neighbourhood spot should be like.

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