Wine Selection

Welcome to the delectable world of London’s wine selection, where every sip promises a journey through a vineyard of varieties! London’s bustling wine bars have redefined the grape’s glory, offering an eclectic mix of cosy bistro vibes, sophisticated spots for a romantic evening, and trendy hangouts in areas like Hackney. You’ll find everything from organic to natural wines, hailing from local and far-flung vineyards. Knowledgeable staff make wine exploration a breeze, ensuring you’re more than a step away from the usual bargain bin finds​​.

Dive into the diverse wine scene at places like Oranj in Shoreditch, which began as a wine delivery service and now stands as a testament to accessibility and fun in wine tasting. They offer a pub-like atmosphere, avoiding wine snobbery, with an impressive range of natural wines complemented by exciting food pop-ups​​. Then there’s Peckham Cellars, a laidback yet formidable presence south of the river, specializing in natural wines and simple, seasonal dishes that have garnered Michelin acclaim​​.

Each bar presents its unique character: 10 Greek St with its well-priced wine list and unpretentious food, The 10 Cases in Covent Garden with its ever-changing wine selection and informal dining, or 40 Maltby Street’s natural wines paired with seasonal food in a buzzing, casual setting​​​​​​. For a more intimate setting, 56 West Smithfield offers a cosy ambiance perfect for winter evenings, featuring a select wine list from Provence estates and beyond​​.

If exclusivity is your cup of tea (or glass of wine), 67 Pall Mall provides an extraordinary array of wines served by Coravin, though membership is required for this ultimate wine lover’s destination​​. For those seeking a blend of organic and biodynamic wines, Antidote near Carnaby Street offers an extensive list with a French focus, perfect for enjoying with their delectable cheese boards and small plates​​.

The heart of Borough Market beats with wine bars like Elliot’s and Flor, each offering a distinct approach to natural wines. Elliot’s boasts a friendly, approachable staff and a well-researched wine list, while Flor delights with its all-European list and inventive small-plates menu​​.

In this cornucopia of vinous delights, you’ll find a wine bar that resonates with your taste and style, each offering a unique slice of London’s vibrant wine culture. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious novice, these bars promise an experience that’s both enriching and thoroughly enjoyable. So, raise a glass to the joy of discovery and the endless possibilities that await in London’s wine selection!

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